Photo credit : Marie Lassiat

Quasar saxophone quartet... 28 years of passion, creation and dedication. A standard-bearer for contemporary music, both in Quebec and internationally, Quasar has had hundreds of performances in renowned halls and festivals in many countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Confirmed educators, the members of the quartet have offered workshops, conferences and master classes around the world, to students of all levels. With substantial cultural mediation and educational support available, Quasar supports students in fields as varied as composition, electronic music and orchestral sectionals in harmony.

Quasar's concerts are varied, and suitable for all types of performances. The "Special Projects" section offers turnkey, proven and recognized concerts. You will find more details on their respective pages. Quasar is also ready to adapt to specific needs, by modifying certain presentations or by creating tailor-made programs for each event.

For more details, contact us at info@quasar4.com!

Quasar is registered in the Directory of Culture-Education Resources of the Ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec

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