Mes Ententes pour 4 personnages

Composer: Miguel Azguime
Saxophone quartet and electroacoustics

I believe that I had unconsciously banished from my head the possibility of writing again for the saxophone after a solo piece, not very interesting, which I removed from my catalogue a few years ago.

Perhaps this explains having postponed Quasar's invitation to write for the saxophone quartet for two or three years ... but once the decision had been made I wanted to define its spectral universe, even its clichés to exorcise the " monster".

This is how this project is constructed in terms of composition, based on the double meaning of "understanding" as listening; and "understanding" as conciliation and agreement between 4 instruments. It goes without saying that understanding and disagreement are of course antagonistic and complementary.

I then put this context in music, I deduce the theater, from a poem (here the first element of the composition) which seduces the form and guides the course, in accordance with my recent practice, with the voice at the heart of the work. Here the voice leads the 4 instruments by the verb, but a verb determined by formative spectra, nevertheless carrying meaning, but that only compositional dramaturgy can translate.

Mes Ententes Pour 4 Personnages is dedicated to Quasar.