...À la dérive

Composer: Simon Bertrand
For saxophone octet

In terms of the raw material used in this piece, it is, as is my music in general, quite heterogeneous, whether it is patterns borrowed from the great Coltrane, diatonic or more chromatic clusters reminiscent of Gyorgy Ligeti, or more lyrical melodies and modals: nothing is excluded a priori, and an effort is made to overcome the fictitious opposition between the tonal and the atonal.

I also wanted to at times treat the eight saxophones as a kind of organ, and at other times, in a more intimate way, revealing in a more delicate way the substance of the six short poems by Rudy Barichello that I chose as inspiration. These are sometimes directly related to the very nature of musical ideas or forms, as if they contained within them instructions or tracks for the composer, and their sequence suggests a sort of course, a progression of states of the soul of the poet.

This work was commissioned by Quasar, faithful companions of my music for almost 20 years.