Tjarbe Björkson

(2003 - )

Tim Schaarschmidt

Tjarbe Jonathan-Ernst Björkson (born 2003, Germany) began to write down improvisations on the violin at an early age and developed an interest in composing. In 2014, at the Workshop Musik21, his enthusiasm grew and he began in-depth studies of music and composition. He was accepted to the IFF Institut in Hannover (pre-college training program) in 2016, where he took lessons in composition with Daniel Moreira. He has won several composition prizes, such as the sponsorship prize and the federal prize of the German youth competition (Jugendkomponiert). Björkson has also studied with Marcus Aydintan, Snecana Nesic and Gordon Kampe at various workshops or festivals for composition. In 2021,   the Quasar Quartet premiered his piece “Friction sounds”. Currently he is a junior student at the Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media in Gordon Williamson´s composition class. He is currently writing a new work for Ensembke Mosaik (Berlin).