Jean-François Laporte

(1968 - )

As a Canadian artist, Jean-François Laporte has been an active member of the contemporary art's scene since the mid-1990's. He pursues a hybrid approach integrating visual arts and sound exploration. Taking an intuitive approach to create music, Laporte learns art through concrete experimentation on matter. His unique artistic vision relies on an active listening of each sound, object, material, etc. Thus his art is the result of working in complicity with raw material, proposing constructions born of each material he explores. His work is characterized by a large diversity of sound sources, aesthetic quality concerns, as well as an undeniable peculiarity.

 Since the year he began to be involved in arts, in 1993 (at 25 years old), Jean-François has written some 70 works that have been performed in Montreal, across Canada, Europe and all around the world. A number of his pieces have been commissioned by Montreal-based and international ensembles and organizations, and he has won several awards and grants from such institutions as the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Conseil québécois de la musique.

For the past fifteen years, along with his activities as a composer, Jean-François has been developing and making new musical instruments (Tu-Yo, Bowl, FlyingCan, Sax-trunk, vibrating membranes and Siren Organ,) which he integrates in his works and, since 2002, to visual & sound installations using computerized and robotized controls.