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* Note that, for reasons beyond our control, the September 26th concert has unfortunately been cancelled.

Les Escales improbables de Montréal and Quasar saxophone quartet have joined forces with Totem Comtemporain to present Je ne suis pas un robot, the very first experimental tragicomic techno-opéra-ballet!

We all have become accustomed to opening and closing accounts and sessions on an ongoing basis without asking many questions about this intimate relationship between our devices and us. Does the machine become human? Or is it me who is engineering myself? And in this exchange, to what extent can we prove that we ourselves have not indeed become robots?

Realized at the instigation of Jean-Marc Bouchard, the work Je ne suis pas un robot is a fusion of the poetic universe of Jérôme Minière, instruments invented by Jean-François Laporte, the contemporary sounds of the Quasar saxophone quartet and the creativity of visual artist Marie-Pierre Normand. An unprecedented artistic and sensory experience that promises not to leave anyone feeling indifferent!

Join us on the terrace of the Éthel parking lot, a unique location with a breathtaking view of the city. A special moment to enjoy at sunset, while having a drink with family and friends!

Doors open at 6:15 pm

Show begins at 7:00 pm

Beverages on sale on site

With the participation of:
Jean-Marc Bouchard
Music, Original idea
Jérôme Minière
Music, text, dramaturgy
Jean-François Laporte
Music, Instrument development
Marie-Pierre Normand
Scenography, costumes

Camp Éthel

Stationnement Éthel
4015 rue Wellington
Verdun QC H4G 1V6


12 years and under - Free

13 to 20 years - $15

Adults - $20

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